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  1. Making the Case for Confidentiality Management (Dykema)

    In this session, Mia Jiganti, Director of Risk Management, discusses how her firm made the business decision to adopt IntApp Wall Builder. With increasing pressure from clients and a risk team with limited resources, the firm looked to automate confidentiality management. Wall Builder addresses all their needs, without burdening or disrupting lawyer productivity.

    [Recording now online] [8 Mins]

  2. Making the Case for Confidentiality Management (Rothgerber)

    Eric Carpenter, Information Systems Director, describes why his firm decided to adopt IntApp Wall Builder. When the firm embarked upon a matter centricity project, they first attempted to use the native security features in their systems, but quickly hit functional limitations and recognized the need for a separate system to manage security centrally across multiple information repositories. He explains how IntApp’s “Mid Market” Wall Builder product configuration made the solution a feasible option for the 75 lawyer firm, and describes the implementation process (which took less than three weeks).

    [Recording now online] [8 Mins]
  3. Making the Case for Confidentiality Management (Perkins Coie)

    Gavin Gray, CIO, discusses the business case his team made to select IntApp Wall Builder. Key themes driving this decision at Perkins Coie include the proliferation of technology taking confidential information out of the DMS and distributing it to many systems, including SharePoint and Enterprise Search. Because the firm’s risk team did not have the bandwidth to completely change their existing processes, the IT team approached the project from a purely technical perspective, helping the risk team better execute and report on existing processes.

    [Recording now online] [12 Mins]
  4. Managing Insider Risk

    In the past 18 months, surprising stories of lawyer and staff misuse of sensitive client information have dramatically raised the profile of this issue among law firms, clients, regulators and the media. In response, many firms are re-evaluating the policies and protections they have in place to mitigate insider risk.

    In this session, panelists will review several methods for dealing with insider risk, including ways to:

    • Encourage professional responsibility
    • Prevent inadvertent access
    • Prevent unauthorized access
    • Track suspicious behavior


    • Adam Hansen – Director, Global Risk/Knowledge/Practice Services, SNR Denton
    • Dan Surowiec – Director of Global Infrastructure, Baker & McKenzie
    • Jeff Lolley – Global Director of Information Security, Hogan Lovells
    • Brian Lynch – Director, Risk Practice Group, IntApp, Inc.

    [Recording now online] [1 Hour]
  5. Responding to Outside Counsel Guidelines

    In the past five years, outside counsel guidelines (“OCGs”) have become more commonplace and more stringent. The legal services world has shifted, as corporations (and their law departments) are being held to stricter budget accountability and risk management standards. Law departments have, in turn, held their external counsel to these same higher standards. In many ways, clients have become the true regulators.

    In this session, panelists will explore the evolving OCG landscape and discuss how firms can negotiate and respond to outside counsel guidelines.


    • Gilda Russell – Ethics and Conflicts Counsel, Holland & Knight LLP
    • Mike Guernon – Director of New Business and Conflicts, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
    • Paul Hurdle – Senior Counsel, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
    • Brian Lynch – Director, Risk Practice Group, IntApp, Inc.

    Topics Include:

    • Evolution of Outside Counsel Guideline Management
    • Negotiation: Why am I a Vendor Now?
    • Common Characteristics

    [Recording now online] [45 Mins]
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